History of Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia

By Agus Candra

Intellectual Property Act in Indonesia has been exist since 1840. The Dutch Colonial Government had legislate trademark Act at 1885. Patent Act at 1910, and Copyrights Act at 1912. On October 11, 1961 Indonesian Government had legislate Act no 21 of 1961 about the company’s Trademark and commercial Trademark (Trademark Law of 1961). To change Trademark Law of Dutch Colonial. Trademark Law of 1961 come into force since 11 November 1961. On May 10, 1979 Indonesia has ratified Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (Stockholm Revision 1967) based decision of President of Indonesia No 24 of 1979.

On April 12, 1982 Indonesian government has enacted Act No. 6 of 1982 about Copyright. To replace the Dutch Copyrights Act. On 1986 called as modern era of Intellectual Property system in Indonesia.

On October 13, 1989 the Indonesian House of Representative had approved draft of patent act and legalize Patent Act No 6 of 1989.

On August 28, 1992 Indonesian government had legalized Act no 19 of 1992 about trademark.

On April 15, 1994 Indonesian government has signed Final Act Embodying the Result of the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations, which include Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).

On 2001 Indonesian government had legitimized Act no 14 of 2001 about Patent, Act No 15 of 2001 about Trademark.

On 2002 Indonesian government had legitimize Act no 19 of 2002 about Copyrights.

On 2004 Indonesian government had legitimize Act no 29 of 2004 about Plant Variety Protection (PVP).

View History of Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia. We can know that Indonesian government very seriously to enforce the Intellectual Property Rights System in Indonesia. Because with strong Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia it will make an economic growth.

Source :

Guidebook of Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia. 2006. Directorate General of Indonesian Property Office.

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