The Draft of Copyright Act Has Been Endorsed to Replace the Copyright Act No. 19 Year 2002

Minister of Law and Human Rights (Menkumham) Amir Syamsuddin said the Copyright Act  endorsed by the House of Representatives, Tuesday (16/9). Plenary  assembly  ratified  the draft of Copyright Act, to replace the Copyright Act No. 19 year 2002.

In general, this law regulates better protection of the moral rights and economic rights of copyright. “Copyright legislation is expected to explore the economic potential that is not maximized yet. Such as royalties of music, papers and other copyrighted products,” said Amir  Syamsuddin. According  to  the  new  provision, he  explained, the  creators  and / or owners of  related rights received royalties in return for the creation or related rights products are made in official relations and commercial use.

State provides law protection for copyrighted works  that shall be valid for the life of the Author and 70 years after his death.

This rule applies to the 9 types of copyrighted works set forth in article 59, paragraph 1:

1. Books, pamphlets and all other written works.

2. Sermons, lectures, speeches and other similar creation.

3. Visual aid for the purposes of education and science.

4. Song or music with or without text.

5. Drama, musical drama, dance choreography, puppet, pantomim

6. Works of art in all forms such as painting, drawing, engraving, calligraphy, sculpture, statue or kolase.

7. Architecture

8. Maps

9. Work  of  Batik  art  or  other  motif  art.

Article 59 also mentions maximum copyright protection of 50 years from the creation published, namely:

1. Photography

2. Photograph / picture

3. Cinematographic works

4. Video game.

5. Computer   programme

6. Lay out  of  paper

7. Translations, interpretations, adaptations, anthologies, databases ,adaptation, arrangement,    modification  and  other  works  of  transformation.

8.  Translation,  adaptation,  arrangement, transformation or modification of traditional  cultural  expression.

9.  Creation  or  data  compilation,  either in a format that can be read by a computer  program  or    other  media.

10. Compilation of traditional cultural expression as long as  the compilation is original work.

The new Copyright Act also makes regulations, that the shopping center management is responsible for the sale and / or the infringement of copyright and / or related rights in their shopping center management. This law also regulates dispute resolution rights of copyright through the process of mediation, arbitration, and the application  of  offense  provisions.

 Here are the new things that set forth in the new law :

1. Copyright  protection is longer time in line with the application of the rules in various countries  so  that the term of protection in certain areas of Copyright shall  be valid  for the life   of  the  author  and 70  years  after  his  death

2. Better  protection  of  the economic rights of the creators and / or owners of related rights, includes limiting the assignment of economic rights in sold flat.

3. Effective  dispute  resolution  through  mediation,  arbitration  or litigation, or enforcement of  offense to  criminal  charge.

4. Shopping center management  is responsible for the sale and / or the infringement of copyright and / or related rights in the shopping center management.

5. Copyright  is an intangible as moving objects  that can be used as collateral object of  fiduciary.

6. Minister has authorization to remove the copyrights that  have been registered, if the creations  violate  religious norms, moral norms, public order, national  defense and security, as  well  as  the  provisions  of  the  laws.

7. Creator, copyright  holder, the  owner  of the  related rights become a member of Collective Management Institute in order to get remuneration or royalty.

8. Creators  and / or owners of  related  rights  get royalties for creation or products related  rights that are made in official relation and are used for commercial.

9. Collective Management Institute which serves to collect and manage the economic rights of creators and the owner  of  related  rights shall apply for an operating permit to minister.

10. Filing  of  copyright  and  related rights in multimedia tools to respond to the development of  technology in  information and communication


Source :  Detik, Antara News 

Written by :

Nadia Am Badar

Nadia Am Badar, SH


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Prihatin Ningrum, S.Psi


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Am Badar & Partners
Jl. Wahid Hasyim No. 14
Jakarta 10340
Phones:   62 21 3983 7314 and 7315
Faxes:     62 21 3983 7319 and 7300

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