Board of Directors

Am Badar & Am Badar has long-standing and strong client relationships and consistenly commited to protecting the interests of the clients. Since 1999 the firm has been run by the second generation Nadia Am Badar, S.H, Annisa Am Badar, S.H LL.M, Anis Am Badar, S.H, Nabila Am Badar, S.H LL.M, And Dora Am Badar, S. PSi. M.Psi.

All members of the firm are highly qualified and well versed in the subjects of their specialization. The works of the firms are dealt by professional staffs of IP administration, IP technological experts and IP litigators. The firm comprehends all areas of legal practice with special focus on intellectual property Laws and their applications. Am Badar & Am Badar has hundreds of associates-foreign Agents which represent thousands of applicant of intellectual property rights all over the world. In order to develop this office, we have become members of several international organizations in Intellectual Property Rights such as: INTA, AIPPI, APAA, and UPS.

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