Our team is fully commited to develop and sustain client trust by high level profesionalism, proactive level of service, overseeing the opportunity, harnesses all potential challenges & solution and show the passion for every single client matters


We had been established more than 50 years on Intellectual property business in Indonesia. Our 9 Attorneys, 5 paralegals , 50 legal executive assistants, and 37 full time and part time employee ready to create mutual relationship. Trust is great mandatory to develop and sustain business on the proper steps and transparent . Our system and structure ensure all the process become trackable and cost effective to protect client innovation, ideas and business design.

Our Team

  • Agus Susanto photo
    Agus Susanto
    Expert | Marketing
  • Anis Am Badar, S.H. photo
    Anis Am Badar, S.H.
  • Anisa Am Badar, S.H., LL.M. photo
    Anisa Am Badar, S.H., LL.M.
    Managing Partner | Intellectual Property
  • Apriyani, S.S. photo
    Apriyani, S.S.
    Expert, Specialist | Patent
  • Arista photo
  • Bramantya Bhakti Pranadi, S.E., M.M. photo
    Bramantya Bhakti Pranadi, S.E., M.M.
    Head | Human Resource
  • Didik Heriawan Setiabudi, S.P. photo
    Didik Heriawan Setiabudi, S.P.
    Head | Correspondence
  • Dora Am Badar, S.Psi. photo
    Dora Am Badar, S.Psi.
    Partner | Intellectual Property
  • Dra. Endang Sukowati photo
    Dra. Endang Sukowati
    Expert | Patent
  • Hakimatun Nisya photo
    Hakimatun Nisya
  • Indah Risma, S.E. photo
    Indah Risma, S.E.
    Specialist | Trademark
  • Lisa Karismawatie, S.H. photo
    Lisa Karismawatie, S.H.
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