Am Badar & Am Badar Booth for INTA 2023

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To attend INTA in Singapore on 16th-20th May 2023, Am Badar & Am Badar will show you our booth visual. This booth number is E26, close to the on-site registration spot and exhibit office.


Illustration of our booth’s location.


We had well-prepared to prepare our booth design. Every detail of our booth has meanings representing Am Badar & Am Badar’s identities.



Colours & Logo Philosophy

We are using the colors Terracotta and Blue as our base and reflection. These colors show who we are, our culture, and our code of conduct. Terracotta shows passion, courage, and strength, while Blue symbolizes loyalty and honesty.

We also put our company logo which represents the values that we uphold, which are trustworthiness, professionalism, innovation, and maturity from its many years of experience in our field.



Our vision and ambition are represented with this identity, as it reflects the growth and the future and reinforces our team’s dynamism and fresh energy while still staying faithful to the value of our history and legacy.

Interiors and Properties functions

In detail, the interior of our booth has several functions that can provide important information about our IP services, company profile, and company milestones to visitors.

As seen in the image below, the blue walls of our booth contain information about our IP services on the left and right sides. It also includes a barcode with further details on our services and contacts to connect with us.



Then the display below shows the inside of our booth with chairs and tables that are used for visitors who want to have a deeper conversation or discussion with our IP experts.



Our booth also contained visual details and other information, such as the Indonesian flag with the words “Founded in Indonesia in 1965“, representing our company’s country of origin.



Then also, on the white wall, several visuals describe the milestones of our company from its inception to the present, which has been established for five decades.

Essential Information

We provide information that will become IP insight for visitors. Everyone from Am Badar & Am Badar who served in the booth could interact and discuss. We will discuss the development of the latest issues regarding IP both in terms of industrial development and from a legal perspective. We at Am Badar & Am Badar always seek opportunities to collaborate and build networking. Contact us at





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