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  • Wulan Chorry Shafira, S.H.
  • Wednesday, 22 February 2023

Digital Creators' Good News: Youtube Content Can be a Loan Collateral

It's such good news for digital creators, especially YouTubers, because the Minister of Law and Human Rights, Yasonna Laoly, stated that YouTube content can be recognized as a loan collateral in Bank. This provision will come into force in July 2023.

Loan collateral is often called a secured loan. This means the loan is guaranteed by something you own. With loan collateral, you can borrow more money in Bank. As a digital asset, YouTube content can be valuable because of its certificate and adsense feature.



As Yasonna Laoly said, "So if one already owns an intellectual property certificate, or brand, or creative license, including for music, they can upload [that content] to YouTube. Once [the video] gains millions of views, the license has monetary value. If the license holder needs money, the content can be used as collateral at the bank". Yogyakarta, Thursday (21/7).

In October 2019, the Indonesian government Implemented a new Regulation in Law Number 24 of 2019 About The Creative Economy. In this regulation, YouTube content as a loan collateral can be called as Intellectual Property-Based Financing Scheme. Then in 2022, goverment implemented the Goverment Regulation Number 24 of 2022 About The Creative Economy.


So, what is the purpose of this regulation? 

In Article 4 Law Number 24 of 2019 About The Creative Economy, stated that the purposes of this regulation are:

  1. Encourage all aspects of the Creative Economy through developments in culture, technology, creativity, and innovation of the Indonesian people and changes in the global economic environment;
  2. Improve the welfare of the Indonesian people and increase state revenues;
  3. Creating a globally competitive Creative Economy Ecosystem;
  4. Create new job opportunities that are in favor of the artistic and cultural values of the Indonesian nation and local economic resources;
  5. Optimizing the potential of Creative Economy Players;
  6. Protect the creativity of Creative Economy Actors; and
  7. Mainstreaming the Creative Economy in the National Development Plan.

In essence, the primary purpose of this regulation is to increasing the innovation and creativity of creative actors in Indonesia, so that they can compete globally. In addition, the government also provides economic welfare guarantees as creative actor's economic rights.

So what do you think about this news? Is it a good opportunity for you to start working as a digital creator? 

There is great value in every intellectual property creation. The exclusive rights of copyright holders must be respected and protected. We at Am Badar & Am Badar are ready to assist creative workers with their IP-related needs. 

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