RI and Singapore: Bilateral Relations in IP Enforcement

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Since 2022, Indonesia has established an agenda for bilateral relations with Singapore through various activities by the delegations to discuss issues about Intellectual Property. The main topics of the discussion were ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and collective trademark registration.

These two issues have become the main discussion in several agendas of bilateral relations between RI and Singapore to increase the potential benefits of using IP for both countries. With PSA, IP dispute resolution outside of court allows the IP office to resolve disputes more quickly because the litigants can determine the clauses in their agreement and are confidential because they don’t need to be known by the public. In addition, PSA also has the potential to settle cases that are faster, more affordable, and more open to the parties than going through the courts. Then in practice during 2020-2022, around 40 mediation cases of IP cases were correctly resolved.

Indonesia has also increased collective mark registration, both nationally and internationally. It will benefit both parties because the national economy will be lifted through the capitalization of intellectual property.

Through these various efforts, the performance of Indonesia’s national IP continues to improve, as in the 2022 Global Innovation Index (GII) report. Indonesia has experienced an increase, initially ranked 87th in 2021, rising to 75th in 2022.

The increase in the rating is supported by various advantages of Indonesia, including the development of the creative economy sector, culture and entrepreneurial policies that are open to the availability of capital for start-ups and the scale of the domestic market.

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