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IP Service

Core IP Service We Offer

Patent Search

Tracking the invention before going to the next stage is very vital to know whether your invention has novelty or not. Our related patent specialists can provide detailed opinions on search results to give you insights on the opportunities for patent rights being granted by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property.

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Trademark Search

Our Trademark Department can help you search trademark applications that will later be registered. We have the latest system for conducting trademark searches that you can accept quickly and precisely. A trademark search is essential to know whether your trademark is too similar to other marks that are registered or are being filed. Our trademark specialists can also give you a comprehensive opinion of your chances of successful trademark registration.

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Copyright Recordation

Our Copyright Specialists have extensive knowledge in recording copyrights. Our copyright specialists can also provide advance advice on avoiding copyright registering errors. We also have an extensive network to help you protect your copyright in many countries.

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Industrial Design Search

Industrial Design search is essential for a successful application. Our experienced industrial design specialists will provide a comprehensive opinion of the chances of your application and can also provide cutting-edge solutions.

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